Welcome to RulerCraft! We recommend to join our Discord and open the World Map while playing. See you on the server!

Server IP: (Crossplay)

Bedrock Port:


Full 1:500 scale map of Earth with all continents, ores and different biomes.

Settle wherever you want.


You can start your own town and claim land where you want.
You can also start your own nation or join another nation.
Rule as a Mayor or rule as King.


Dynamic & balanced economy with trading posts scattered around Earth.
Money has value and there are plenty of things to spend it on.

Bedrock & Java Support

You can join with both clients, Java and Bedrock, even on different devices. Crossplay.


Custom system that gives you different perks based on your choices. You have 54 different perks and bonuses to choose from. /perks


Over 48 unique cultures to choose from for your town. Map color of your town is based on culture and certain reasons for war are based on cultures.


Many different religions to choose from for your town.
Great for roleplaying!

Dungeons + Bosses

Several Dungeons on Earth with plenty of mobs to kill for experience and special loot.
Also Custom bosses that require a team to kill for endgame loot.

Custom War System

Nations can fight against eachother in organized battles in our unique Warzones.
We use a custom war system, so an official reason for war is always required.
Neutrality is available at a cost. 

Optional PvP

PvP is optional for everyone. You can choose whether to have PvP on or not.
Turning it on gives certain benefits, while putting you at risk of PvP everywhere.

Democratic Senate

Senators vote on all issues regarding the server and Staff in our Senate.
This way we can provide players the ability to have a say in important matters, such as Staff changes, ban appeals, plugin changes and more.

Active Staff

Our Staff are chosen by the players through the Senate. Staff adhere to our Staff guidelines and any corruption is not tolerated. Staff can be demoted through voting in the Senate.

Trading Posts

There are trading posts all over Earth where you can buy & sell items and quick travel between other trading posts.


McMMO allows for an RPG-like experience complete with different skills that you can level, special abilities, brand new mechanics and more.

Good community

We do not tolerate toxic behavior and we do not like excess drama. Players can vote for other players to be muted or punished in the Senate.

Custom villager trades

Certain villagers have many interesting custom trades for hard-to-obtain items such as Mending and Silk Touch books.
Villagers cant be breeded or cured, but can be earned from events, voting or quests.

Treasure Hunting

Live world map

Automatic chest protection

Discord chat in-game

Fun Events




No Resets


No Pay 2 Win

Limited Teleports

All the RulerCraft branding is considered to be copyrighted and usage of the material is not allowed without permission. 

Limited Redstone

Fair play

Strong Anti-Cheat