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Thank you to all who played on RulerCraft.
RulerCraft has been retired and will no longer be online.

All the RulerCraft branding, imagery and media is considered to be copyrighted and usage of the material is not allowed without permission.

What we offer


Full scale map of Earth with all continents, ores and different biomes.

Settle where you want.


Towns: you can join a town or start your own.
Nations: you can start your own nation or join another nation.
Rule as a Mayor or rule as King, the World is Yours.


Stable and fair economy with a big server mall. Not too hard, nor too easy to make money. Money has value and we want to make sure there are always new things to spend your hard-earned money on.


We vote on all issues regarding the server and staff in our Senate. This way we can provide you, the player, the ability to have a say in important matters, such as staff promotions, ban appeals, plugin changes and more.

Good community

We do not tolerate toxic behavior and we do not like excess drama.

Righteous staff

Our Staff are chosen by the players through the Senate. Staff adheres to our staff guidelines, any corruption is not tolerated. Staff can be demoted through voting in the Senate.


We provide an even playing field, where nobody has unfair powers or tactics, everyone receives equal treatment and no corruption or griefing.

Optional PvP

PvP is not enabled in Wilderness.
PvP is only available at the RulerCraft Arena, town arenas and during wars. Neutrality for nations is freely available.

Other features

If you like our server, dont forget to vote for us here.

If you love our server, consider taking a look at our donations page.


Our server has a casino with multiple games such as Blackjack, Dice and Slots which you can play with in-game money.

Private worlds

You can purchase a private world with your seed and rules with in-game money or as a donator reward.
Certain rules apply.

Purchasable schematics

You can pay with in-game cash to have your buildings or structures added to our world.
Certain rules apply.

Wars & Neutrality

We sometimes have wars in which nations can fight against eachother for money rewards without risking your towns. Neutrality is freely available.

Automatic chest protection

Discord chat in-game

Live world map


UPCOMING features

Features that are being worked on and are coming in the future.

Treasure Hunting

Possible to donate with
in-game money